• 100% enviromentally friendly. Recycled from paper and carton waste. Contains less than 20% Calcium Carbonate.
  • Diameter of absorbent granules ranges from 0,5 to 5 mm.
  • Highly recommended for industry, cleaning, fuel-stations, airports, etc.
  • Selective absorbent recommended for mixed liquid spillages like wáter and crude oil derivatives. It tends to absorb first the contaminant, saturating with it, and leaving the water clean.
  • Absorbs all liquids.
  • Recommended for all types of floors, absolutely nonabrasive.
  • Anti-slip.
  • Reduces considerably the waste weight for disposal.


Benchmarking between Fibracat industrial absorbent and a mineral industrial absorbent (sepiolite)                    

Fibracat industrial absorbent

Pour 100g of water and 10g of diesel oil into a beaker. With just 10 grs of Fibracat absorbent the diesel oil is absorbed and can be taken away by means of a skimmer. Water is clean. This happens due to the fact that Fibracat absorbent is selective.

Absorbente industrial mineral (sepiolita)

Pour 100g of water and 10 g of diesel oil into a beaker. 10g of mineral absorbent are not able to absorb the hydrocarbon; it sinks to bottom of the glass. Adding 10g more, yet still the mineral absorbent cannot take the hydrocarbon. Sepiolite has the ability to absorb firstly the water and then hydrocarbons, thus it is necessary to use the same amount of mineral absorbent than water and hydrocarbon together. In this case we need 110g of sepiolite.


We can conclude that Fibracat industrial absorbent provides great savings compared to mineral absorbent. Thanks to the selective ability of Fibracat industrial absorbent it only requires the same amount of Fibracat industrial absorbent than of pollutant liquid, leaving water absolutely clean. On the other hand clay granules absorb all type of liquids without differentiating them. Thus Fibracat industrial absorbent provides a great cost reduction to the customer who has smaller amounts to be treated as hazardous waste for special site disposal.

Generally speaking Fibracat industrial absorbent is inexpensive not only because it is necessary to use a smaller amount to contain the spill but also because of the smaller amount to be disposed of. It is light and handier and much more environmentally conscious as it causes a lesser impact.

On the other hand it must be indicated than when clay granules absorb water they become very slippery, which is especially dangerous in public places and are also quite abrasive on painted floors. With Fibracat industrial absorbent floors are neither slippery nor marked.

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